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  • Remote Support Services

  • Computer Problems?  We can help right through the internet!

    Computer Service and Repair has never been quicker or easier. We can service your computer and repair virtually any problem you may be experiencing. We can do this with your laptop, desktop, or even your Apple Mac Computer!

    With our sophisticated remote support service, we can use your existing internet connection to fix your PC right in front of your eyes.  Pop-ups, Spy-ware, Viruses, E-Mail issues, Program Installation, just to name a few, can now all be easily remedied with the use of our remote support technology.  We’ll even show you how to use your PC, burn CD’s or DVD’s with programs like Adaptec, NTI, or Nero.  Whatever you need, we can assist you fast and efficiently through the use of this remote support service.

    Shouldn’t computer repair always be this easy? We think so! Give us a call or submit an inquiry using our Contact Form and we’ll get started repairing your computer nightmare right away! If you’ve ever wished for a day when a computer technician could come into your computer and fix it, then this service is for you!

    PC Projects LLC’s remote connect technology is a simple online access tool that allows a service technician to access your computer through a broadband (DSL, satellite or cable) connection, diagnose your problem, and help solve it.  All under your supervision.  You decide what we see, where we go and what we do.  It’s like we’re right there with you.  Our remote technology support service is highly secure and very affordable.  We can see what your problem is and interact with you — diagnosing and fixing your problems fast, while you just sit back and watch.

    • No travel hassles
    • Service at your home or office
    • No talking to foreign phone reps
    • No waiting on hold for tech support
    • No complicated telephone instructions
    • Available anywhere within the United States using an Internet connection


    1. You call or send us an email requesting a call-back (be sure to give us your phone number).

    2. A technician briefly discusses your problem.  If a remote session is necessary, the technician walks you through some simple steps to get connected.

    3. Once connected, a fee is charged to your credit card and an initial quarter-hour or half-hour session begins.  You can chat with the technician during the session to discuss what is being done, or to request additional tasks to be performed.

    4. If the problem cannot be resolved within the first initial time-block, you can purchase additional session time in 15-minute increments.

    5. When the session is completed to your satisfaction, the technician terminates the connection.

    During a session, the time is yours to use as you please.  You can either redirect the technician’s attention onto another task, or if the technician resolves your issue quickly and residual time is available, you can use the remaining time to answer questions or handle additional tasks. Call PC Projects LLC for more information and on how to get started today!

    WE ACCEPT:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express





    $20 for the first 15 minutes. $40 for the first 30 minutes.
    (Quarter-Hour Minimum) (Half-Hour Minimum)
    $20.00 per 1/4 hr. $40.00 per 1/2 hr.

    Call us now for affordable Computer Service or Network Repair!
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