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  • Jake D. McCann, Founder and Technician

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  • Jake McCann
    Jake D. McCann
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    Our Mission Statement:

    " To provide extraordinary slipstreamed IT consulting services for a fair market price, extend a one-on-one genuine support experience to satisfy the needs of every client, and most importantly maintain a rock-solid business operations foundation in accordance with Christian principles. "


    About the Company

    Hi! I'm Jake McCann and I'd like to welcome you to PC Projects!  We are a 24/7 on-call computer and networking company offering a variety of different services (including computer service & repair).  We are based in Columbus Ohio.  We work constantly 'round the clock so that we can bring to you only the VERY BEST in computer service at low, competitive pricing.

    We are local, we are affordable ( $20/hr. less than the prevailing rate in Columbus ), we are fast and we are good.  We are proud of our A+ ratings on AngiesList and with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  PC Projects is a customer-centric small business dedicated to serving you.

    It's Personal!  You will work side by side with one Technician and they will be available for consultations when you need them.  Our primary mission objective is to completely free your life from technology headaches!

    Want to know more about us?

    We Fix, Build and Maintain Computers and Networks !

    If you have a computer, whether you purchased it from us, or you obtained it elsewhere, and you don't have the time, patience, or knowledge on how to properly manage it, we'll help!

    We also build custom Personal Computers for your home or business. We put these computers together ourselves. This allows us to properly manage the computer's specifications to optimum performance! Need a computer that is custom-tailored to you? Then we can help!

    Statistics have shown that more than 1 computer is broken into every 60 seconds.  Don't let your company be another statistic, instead, become an anomaly by calling PC Projects to seek professional server and computer management solutions.  We'll help keep you, your company, your business colleagues, or your family safe from this potential tragedy!  Don't let your personal data, finances, identity, or business plans fall into the wrong hands.  Call now for more information about this service!

    Remember, a server is only as stable as the operator who's maintaining it. If you need an operator, call now!


    We are IT Experts at an Affordable Price !

    PC Projects offers 24-hour, 'round the clock service.  We're focused mainly in the areas of computer and networking support, however we'll be happy to assist you in many more computer related areas.  Whether our services encompass setting up your brand new computer, helping you install new software, upgrading your existing computer, repairing your crashed network, circumventing problems created by viruses, or even something as simple as your printer refusing to print, we'll fix it!

    Whether you need a completely new computer or network designed, have a need to modify an existing network (or computer), or you feel you need a better, faster laptop, we can help!  Do you need a new dedicated server?  We can help there, too!

    We will come to your establishment, analyze your network or computer and advise you how to bring productivity and efficiency to the MAXIMUM.  Many times we can do this without you, the customer, having to spend ANY money on upgrades or new hardware!  What a great deal!

    Stop over-paying other organizations to come out, charge you a 2-hour minimum fee and run unnecessary sophisticated tests on your electronic-surroundings!!

    If this service has piqued your curiosity, or you're not quite sure what you and your network need, you owe it to yourself to find out more information regarding your network.

    Call us to setup an appointment where we can come and examine your cybernetic-environment and make you aware of what your options REALLY are.

    We also invite you to contact us for a free quote on repairs for an issue you're having, or a price on computer or network hardware and software.

    At PC Projects, we strongly believe that the best way to keep prosperity in our business is to build and maintain relationships with our customers.  This is why we, after providing a service, make what we like to call "courtesy calls" a few days later to ensure that our customers AND their computers are happy with the service we've carried out for them!

    With so many computer service and repair companies these days, anyone can sell you a cheap computer, but only PC Projects will provide you with fast, high-quality computer services for lower prices in Columbus Ohio.

    Call us now for Affordable Computer Service or Network Repair!

    (614) 989-6072